Kernel Lenses

Each m12 lens has been matched to a particular Kernel sensor board to provide optimal optical results. You may install other lenses following these guidelines but there is no post processing assistance available at this time for them (vignette correction, etc).

9.6mm f/3.0 (3.2MP Sensor)

Lens Focal Length: 9.6mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 46.08mm
Native Sensor Size Supported: 1/1.8"
Aperture: f/3.0
Field of View: 51 x 40.8 x 30.6 degrees (Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical)
Megapixel Rating: 5.0MP
Optical Distortion: <-2.0%
Flange Back Length (F.B.L.): 7.40mm
Total Track Length (T.T.L.): 16.15mm
Hyperfocal (Infinity) Focus Distance: 201.95 inches (16.83 feet), 512.96 cm (5.13 m)
Lens Construction: All Glass Elements
Weight: 2.13g
Dimensions: 8.75mm Length, 12mm Diameter

8.25mm f/2.8 (14.4MP Sensor)

Lens Focal Length: 8.25mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 46.53mm
Native Sensor Size Supported: 1/2.3"
Aperture: f/2.8
Field of View: 50.7 x 41.3 x 31.8 degrees (Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical)
Megapixel Rating: 20.0MP
Optical Distortion: <-1.0%
Back Focal Length (B.F.L): 5.86mm
Flange Back Length (F.B.L.): 4.79mm
Total Track Length (T.T.L.): 30.09mm
Hyperfocal (Infinity) Focus Distance: 206.45 inches (17.20 feet), 524.38 cm (5.24 m)
Lens Construction: 10 Glass Elements
Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 25.53mm Length, 15mm Max Diameter

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